IELTS preparation classes

The Fifth Element offers part-time IELTS preparation classes in Mumbai. We are based in Mira Road just near the train station. Our dedicated IELTS preparation classes are for students wanting to enhance their IELTS score for entry to a university abroad, for employment or immigration.

What is IELTS?

The International English Language Testing System or better know as IELTS is designed to evaluate the language ability of students who want to work or study where English is the primary language. At our IELTS preparation classes in Mumbai, we offer quality education, more importantly through an approved tutor.

Who is it for?

The IELTS preparation course at Fifth Element aims to allow students to:

  • To help students achieve their best score, exam strategies and techniques are taught to students.
  • To become familiar with the examination format and experience the IELTS exams; students are put through the IELTS exams under exam conditions.
  • Develop the student’s overall skill in writing, reading speaking and listening through practice. More emphasis is given to writing, reading skills along with analytical thinking as along with being one of the keys to IELTS exams it also helps students with their studies abroad. To increase the chances of passing, constructive feedback is offered.
  • No specialist subject knowledge is required for the IELTS exams. However, it would help to have some general experience in The Environment, History, Law, Business, Travel etc

Who should be attending this course?

The IELTS preparation at Fifth Element helps prepare students who wish to study at colleges. e.g. Foundation, Bachelor’s, Master’s Degree etc. This training is also suitable for individuals who want to migrate to a country where English is the first language, work or do vocational training.

Course Structure

Abstract Writing
  • Describing diagrams, graphs, tables and charts
  • Communicating your opinion; making an argument for or in contradiction of a particular topic
  • Grammar and vocabulary needed for the above
  • Academic style language and paragraph structure
  • Satisfying IELTS marking criteria
  • Strategies on how to identify answers quickly
  • Detailed reading skills
  • Paraphrasing
  • Creating a plan for what you will read
  • Building confidence in your ability to speak
  • Reducing errors while speaking
  • Learn to talk without stopping
  • Justifying after putting your opinion forward
  • Summarising and analysing; Comparing and contrasting
  • Identifying keywords
  • Understanding question types of writing the answers required
  • Strategies to predict what you will hear
  • Words needed for different contexts
  • Spelling mistakes

The IELTS test has to be taken only at an official IELTS centre. The British Council is the centre in Mumbai.

Credential Evaluation

Some universities require students to send out a third-party evaluation of academic qualifications as part of the application plan. Fifth Element helps you fulfill these requirements by having your credentials examined by WES. We let you understand in advance, where you stand so you make a more educated choice about which university to opt for.