Fifth Element was founded in 2011 by Jason and Greenidge. It was founded after a realization that high tuition rates have made education out of reach of many students or even adults who intend to further their education.

As the creators of Fifth Element, we set on a course we hoped would guarantee success and peace of mind to those who are thirsty for education and are seeking alternatives to obtaining a college education from traditional colleges and universities.We offer a variety of courses that cover the needs of many companies – from basic courses to advanced level courses such as software development and implementation. We have partnered with various companies to help us understand their needs so we can provide the best solutions.

Fifth Element is based in Mumbai and it boasts a team of independent e-learning specialists who have served in the training market for more than 15 years across the globe. We initially focus on the objectives of a company because we believe the success of a company depends on how they meet their objectives. We also believe e-learning should not be boring or a waste of time to students or employees.Fifth Element With our smart studios, we partner with our clients to develop custom e-learning solutions that are unforgettable, significant, and motivational for their learners. We are the only e-Learning Development Company that offers Learner-centered and interactive e-Learning development services for Occupational Health and Safety markets across the globe. We have unique expertise that has helped us to establish e-learning courses for Health and Safety training experts that meet the international standards.

So far we have developed and delivered a series of e-learning courses including various qualifications such as NVQ Level 1 to 6, and have also developed and delivered Learning Management Solutions (LMS) with e-learning development option approved by internationally recognized and accrediting bodies.

In the course of our work, we have attracted a huge network of loyal clients. And because of our high level of client satisfaction and retention, our client base is ever expanding.

Due to the dynamic nature of technology we do thorough research and always update the services we provide to ensure we are not overtaken by technology. This has helped us to progress into a powerhouse of custom-made content advancement and consultative services. We still anticipate continued development so we can best assist our clients to overcome their challenges as they drive their companies and partners towards greater success.