Fifth Element was founded after a realization that high tuition rates have made education out of reach of many students or even adults who intend to further their education.

The creators of Fifth Element, set on a course we hoped would guarantee success and peace of mind to those who are thirsty for education and are seeking to obtain a college education from traditional colleges or universities. We offer a variety of courses that cover the needs of all individuals. We have also partnered with various colleges and universities to help us understand their needs so we can provide the best solutions to our students.

The Fifth Element is based in Mumbai, and it boasts a team who have served in the training market for more than 15 years across the globe. We initially focus on the goal of an individual because we believe the success of an individual depends on how he or she meets their goals. We also believe in not just advising any course to our students which in turn would waste their time and money. At Fifth Element, we combine decades of research with helping you find the careers and jobs that fit.

Our Career Test evaluates your nature in the work location. It offers you a list of jobs and careers to consider based upon your work character. It likewise creates a description of your optimum work environment, your strengths, your chosen management style, your work personality qualities and more.

In the course of our work, we have attracted a massive network of loyal clients. And because of our high level of client satisfaction and retention, our client base is ever-expanding.