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Behaviour Based Safety is a program designed to affect staff members action towards much safer results

What is Behaviour Based Safety?

Safety is a series of choices made by employees every day, options, including behaviours in the workplace. It remains in how you train, what precautions you take when carrying out jobs, and your level of awareness to external aspects that may jeopardize your wellbeing.

Three aspects influence individual safety options: the ability to evaluate and acknowledge a hazard, the motivation to be safe, and the capability to focus while performing the current job securely.

Behaviour Based Safety is a program designed to affect staff members action towards much safer results, ideally by avoiding an accident or injury before it occurs. Executing a behaviour-based safety program is one of the most significant ways for a business to promote safety, remove hazards and avoid injuries. When implemented correctly, a behaviour-based safety program can provide favourable benefits to change unsafe behaviour, reduce job-related injuries, reduce lost production hours, and enhance work environment morale– vital components for creating an influential safety culture.

The Fifth Element been assisting clients with these type of issues through dynamic behaviour based strategy and specific intervention methods.

BBS principle can be induced since, throughout the application with numerous companies, we have seen that human safety conscience and safety practice is not inherent and could be enhanced by assessment, guidance and training. Organizations do play a vital function in influencing safety-related habits of individuals, and its safety culture centrally drives this.

Our know-how establishes vision-based hazardous act detection for keeping track of the habits of your labour force and train through experimental studies, which ultimately gets rid of a barrier to safety and change the mind set-up to refrain from indulging in dangerous behaviour.


Who can take the Behaviour Based Safety training?

  • Safety officers
  • Safety engineers
  • Safety coordinators
  • Safety specialists
  • Safety managers


Benefits of Behaviour Based Safety training

The significant outcome of a Behaviour Based Safety training is that it would make an impact towards altering the safety mindset of an organisation. Our intervention with goal-setting and feedback measures would produce a significant scale in the enhancement of safety performance.


Course Content

A trigger questionnaire for individual assessment

How behavior influences your safety

  • Why people behave unsafely?
  • How behavioral safety differs from traditional safety programs?

Limitations of Traditional Safety Process

  • The Plateau effects
  • A critical look at some accidents


  • Human Behaviour Design – The key elements
  • Behaviour Safety – Can it stand without the traditional safety?
  • The mistakes being committed in India on behavioral safety.

The Vital Link between Quality & Safety

What Safety Cultures do you operate in – “Organisational Assessment.”

The Psychology of Safety

Why workers and employees do not learn safety concepts easily?

  • Why is unlearning so difficult?
  • Why workers behave unsafely at work?
  • Unraveling the mystery

A-B-C Analysis

  • How and why of directing the safety behaviors
  • The methodology of controlling behaviors


  • The power of Personal Accountability.
  • How to maintain your behavioral safety process for long term success