Branding and Communications

Without buy-in from stakeholders, your program may never get off the ground. Branding, Marketing Communications, and Education-based Marketing are the three avenues that finding out & advancement can utilize to increase the total efficiency of its training programs significantly, and boost ROI appropriately. Through these avenues we distil the essence of your program– be it product understanding, modification management, sales enablement, or other initiatives.


Excellent cultures bring in and keep clients. And top brands make staff members happy of where they work, and customers feel fantastic about exactly what they purchase.

The strategic work that branding requires has typically remained at the enterprise level, particularly due to the high expense of engaging a marketing agency. Performance improvement programs can significantly benefit from having a distinct brand, distilling either an initiative or learning and development objective into important messages to inspire and engage their student populations. Learners get the word, feel the energy and idea of the program, and recognizes that the company values them as much as their clients.

Marketing Communications

You’ve honed your business strategy and gained leadership buy-in. Now it’s time to implement. A practical training -rollout technique is vital for making it possible for organizational modification and positively affecting the mindsets learners bring to your training programs. The ideal communication strategy can assist your audience understand the context and require for change, and why it is important for them.

Marketing communications are likely only a small part of the spending plan for any training initiative. However, like a change management strategy, when done right, it can improve the worth of your total training efforts and for this reason, increase ultimate impact and ROI.

Not every program requires marketing communications, however, when it is needed, it is a vital part of a holistic program. We’ll all encourage you when we believe it’s appropriate, and we’re happy to guide you along this path.

Education-based Marketing

Education-based Marketing is, as it sounds, the intersection of adult learning and commercialization. These two disciplines bring their perspectives on motivation, but at the end of the day, they have the same objective; to influence attitude or behavior change. Working in synergy, they can create and an incredibly powerful tool to motivate, inspire, and affect the desired end behavior.

In these times of immediate access to product knowledge and details, often a marketing-driven, 30 second commercial sound bite is just inadequate. On the other hand, neither is an information-laden push. Striking the right balance is communication that provides information in an entertaining and authentic way, building products and brand awareness and fostering loyalty and trust. Whether your audience is in-house associates, associates in the extended enterprise, or customers, education-based marketing is an effective way in reaching your target audience and let them know you are a trusted advisor who is embracing their goals and objectives. We’d be thrilled to show you how blending learning and marketing can significantly help you achieve your goals.

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